”We had hardly reached Öland’s shores, before we noticed that this land was completely different from
Sweden’s other provinces; therefore, we set our mindsto carefully discovering all that this island had to "uncovered.”

Written by Carl von Linné when he landed on the shores of  Öland, in June 1, 1741.


Welcome  to cycling and hiking in Öland, over roads and paths that take you through its unique nature and cultural environments and that takes you to fantastic places that can only be reached by bike or on foot.  You will experience a mosaic of colors, smells and bird songs, of exciting people and places.

Here you will find peace and quiet, but also a large and varied offering of activities as well as paces and tempos.

The cycling and hiking season in Öland is long, from springtime’s sparkling floral splendor till autumn’s more subdued colors.  The warmth lingers both on land and in the water well into September.

You will find clearly marked cycling and hiking paths, but also many fine "detours” that will be described in the menu marked Cycling / Hiking. Take a few minutes to look over the offerings. Who knows, it may be the start of new romance…


Read here about the cycle ferry.
Cycles can be brought on some busses in ordinary traffic, if there are room for them and if they have a cycle rack to hang them on, please contact KLT for more information.
Bicycles are not allowed to cross the bridge.

Many of the home page’s links can be found only in Swedish, but they often contain photos and maps that can be useful. An explanation of symbols on the PDF-maps are presently also offered only in Swedish.

Please write in our guestbook, that is only found in the Swedish page, in the menu marked Gästbok.

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